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The Paleontology building is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) registered with the certification goal of Gold. Bike racks have been provided to encourage students and faculty to reduce pollution from automobile use. When automobiles are used, the use of fuel-efficient vehicles is encouraged by provided designated parking spaces close to the building.

When compared to building that meets industry standards, the Paleontology Building reduced its water use by 40% by using low-flow water fixtures and high-efficiency toilets and urinals. A bioretention area on the northwest side of the building manages on-site stormwater as well as provides a significant area of moist soil conditions for landscape plants. Irrigation is greatly reduced or eliminated on the site by using a combination of native plants and water-efficient irrigation systems.

Recycled materials are used throughout the building, from the carpet to the acoustic ceiling panels. The concrete in the building includes 25% fly ash, a coal burning waste product. The lobby walls are clad in Dakota Burl, a product which uses the agricultural waste from sunflower hulls, a renewable resource.

Due to the energy-saving measures such as T-5 high efficiency fluorescent lighting fixtures, low-e insulating windows, and extensive use of motion sensors, this building saves nearly 25% in energy costs when compared to a building of similar square footage.

During the construction process, a construction waste management plan was implemented. The plan strives to divert over 75% of the building material waste from being landfilled. The waste is being recycled to reduce future demand for virgin building products. Recycling centers are located in the building to collect user waste.

Outdoor air ventilation is 30% above minimum rates so that occupants of the building are continually supplied with fresh air. This is especially important in a lab building, where chemical fumes and particulate dust may pollute the air.




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Paleontology Reseach Laboratory

Paleontology Reseach Laboratory

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